5 Levels Of Consciousness

5 Levels Of Consciousness

As part of being a human being, we experience several different levels of consciousness. In this article I will describe these levels as “selves”. These selves consist of the lowest form of expression to the highest form of expression. The lowest consists of behaviors that most would consider inhumane, whereas the highest level would be considered supernatural.

The use of language to describe these selves has its limitations. For example, in defining the levels of selves as lowest to highest naturally leads to the conclusion that the lowest is the worst level and the highest is the best.

From the perspective of our lower selves, this conclusion makes complete sense. The lower self often lives in a state of fear, and as result judges all things in terms of better or worse. Where as our higher self, which exists in love, does not judge one thing as being better than another.

The list and descriptions of the selves are not meant to be definitive, nor exhaustive, they are simply an introduction to five levels of awareness in which my spirit guides have shared with me. As they are brief, they can’t possibly describe the vastness and complexity of each of the selves.

The Five Selves

Lowest Self – This self constantly lives in fear and acts without any form of ethics, or any self awareness at all. It constantly creates harm to itself and others and is unaware of doing so.

Lower Self – The lower self experiences life through limited beliefs about race, health, career, family etc. For the most part, this self is not concerned with any greater reality, it’s concerns lie mainly with coping with it’s day to day reality.

The lower self resides mostly in the past and future and usually acts from a place of fear/survival. To be in the in the present moment would mean that it would have to acknowledge that a greater reality exists and that it is here to experience the lessons of living within the limitations of being human (while in truth being a spiritual being).

Middle Self – Is the self that at times recognizes that there is a greater reality, that there is a greater purpose to being here, and that it is not a victim to outside circumstances.

Those on a conscious or semi conscious path of awakening spend a great deal of time in the middle self, often vacillating between the lower and higher self. For example, the individual may make great strides in life then fall back into old fearful/harmful habits. This process is often described as taking two steps forward and one step back.

This vacillating is a normal part of living as the middle self, and usually occurs over a course of many lifetimes until an individual is ready to live as their higher self.

Higher Self – The higher self is not to be confused with the same term often used to describe the highest part of us which exists outside of time and space. Think of it more as the highest version of your human self, one that is free of the limitation of fear.

This self is the highest and most expansive state we can live from and still be human, one where are fully aware that we are one with all that is. From this state of being we always act out of love and compassion.

Once we reach this highest version of ourselves, the lessons that we came to earth to learn are completed. As there is little or nothing more to learn, very few choose to return and live a full lifetime as their higher self. The ones that do are usually spiritual teachers and guides to others, most however move onto the next level.

Highest Self – This is the highest actualization of an individual soul. It can be said that this is as high of a level that we can achieve without dissolving into oneness, God, All That Is.

At this level we exist in the form of spirit and are completely free of the limitations that we experienced as a human. Without the limitations of time and space we can now be in many places at the same time. In reality though there is only “here” and “now”, so at this level we are able to be here and now as spirit guides for those in human form while simultaneously experiencing various adventures in the spiritual realms.

In closing...

These levels aren’t designed for us to use as yet another means to compare ourselves to others in attempt to prove we are better or worse off.

They are designed to trigger us into opening our hearts and minds to the reality that we are not just our fears, we are much more than that.

Blessings on your journey,