Authenticity, Selling & Goals Of My Soul

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

What the hell am I selling? As I post articles on my site and link to them from Facebook and Twitter, I keep coming back to this question.

As I ponder the art of marketing in an authentic way, I struggle to see how the two can co-exist. I just can’t wrap my head and heart around the idea that I need to figure out who I am and who my target audience is, all the while branding myself and my message. Something about it just feels wrong (for me).

Through this process, I have wondered if I am on a slippery slope of manufacturing some sort of sellable version of Warren Klotz. Have I started prostituting myself in hopes of getting a few FaceBook Likes, getting re-tweeted, all towards the goal of one day a receiving few bucks from a yet to be determined service?

I didn’t want to use the word prostituting because I wasn’t sure I was using the word correctly. But sure enough, I was. One of the ways Merriam-Webster defines prostituting, is “to devote to corrupt or unworthy purposes: debase prostitute one's talents.” One of their definitions of prostitute is “a person (such as a writer or painter) who deliberately debases his or her talents (as for money)”. Ouch!

My sense is that I am indeed prostituting myself, and it feels awful. It feels this way because I am doing it for an end goal that isn’t in alignment with the goals of my soul.

One of my soul goals is sharing my Self in an authentic way as possible. If and when it comes to selling a service, the essence of my goal will remain the same. I will offer service(s) with integrity, with my heart and soul invested in it, because as Leonard Cohen sings in Hallelujah, “… I didn’t come here to fool you”.

Yet when I forget this goal, there can be such a temptation to write only about uplifting topics, or the opposite, only crafting articles that are based on “reality,” whatever that is. This insane thinking can get in the way of sharing what is true for me to share. It can really, really get in the way!

So can I sell in a way that I can feel about? My feeling is that I can. I can do it by being true to who I am, being true to my values, being true to the goals of my soul. If I am true to my Self, then anything I share and/or sell will be authentic, as will be the manner in which I sell it. That is something I can feel proud of and stand behind, something I can feel good about whether it is liked, retweeted or sold for financial profit.

To me, the true reward (profit) is the feeling of my soul being channeled through my humanness and my humanness being channeled through my soul. That brings the joy of knowing that I accomplished what I came here to do. I love the sound of that!

With love and sense of wonderful craziness,



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