It Was Just An Illusion

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

When you finally realize that you can have anything you want, you will know longer want anything.

Why is that?

Because you are that what you want (and what you don't want). You are all things.

There is nothing to gain or lose. The near constant attempts to acquire the good while avoiding the bad, is just part of the grand illusion you call life.

Some try desperately to remove themselves from the illusion. Well that is not really possible, not in the way you think it is. To try to remove oneself from the illusion is just another part of the illusion.

So how does one be in relationship with this illusion?

Be present in the moment, or not. It really doesn't matter. Yet eventually you will tire of the illusion and choose to be more and more present until all that is left is the moment. Then you will be free.

There is no race, when you are ready you will find ways to be in the moment. And when you become free you will see, you will know, that life was just an illusion.

In the meantime...

Enjoy your life, enjoy the wide spectrum of experiences, the emotions, the sights and the sounds.

Love it all, not just what you already love, but what you consider the unlovable. And when you can't love the unlovable, love yourself for not being able or willing to!

Stop rushing, there is no "where" to go!

Breathe and relax into the now...



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