Q & A: Examples Of Cornerstones

Could you give examples of what "cornerstones" might be?

This question was asked in response to my blog post, Viewing Life As A Puzzle. In the post, which uses a puzzle as a metaphor for the soul’s journey through life, my guides introduced the concept of cornerstones, pieces of our individual puzzles that we are unable to remove.

Here is the “cornerstones” quote from the original article, followed by my spirit guide’s response:

“Other pieces will be cornerstones in your life, always there, unremovable. They are there to make sure you do not stray too far from your vision (your purpose/goals), a framework so you can always have at least an inkling of what you are working towards.”

For purpose of simplicity, within the context of a puzzle, cornerstones would be the corners and edge pieces, the pieces that frame the puzzle that is your life. There would also be a few key collections of pieces that form sections within the framework of the puzzle. All these pieces would be unremovable.

If your life was a puzzle, then before your current life, the greater you (your soul) would have chosen a certain framework in which to live within. This framework would create the boundaries which form what we call your “soul purposes”.

Without having these boundaries in place, there is a high probability that your personality would choose to ignore your soul purposes and live a life based solely on what it desired, and not what the soul came to accomplish. So, the framework in a way acts as a built-in protection to insure this doesn’t happen.

When a soul incarnates into human form, it takes on a personality which appears to have free will. In reality though, the personality has a limited will, but don’t tell it that (we jest).

It isn’t free, nor in this context would it be beneficial to be so. It is only free to choose to live within the framework that the soul created for itself. Note that the cornerstones are chosen with the personality in mind, meaning the personality works in concert with the soul to achieve the soul’s intentions. The personality is rarely aware of this, and often has strong resistance to how the soul chooses to experience its incarnation.

This resistance doesn’t negate the soul’s wisdom of knowing exactly what challenges will best bring about success of its mission through the personality. Yet some resistance will always be there because the personality by design is limited in its ability to see the wisdom of the soul and the experiences that the soul chooses for it. At times though, the personality will see the wisdom after the dust settles, so to speak. Perhaps more on this another time.

Back to your question, you asked...

Could you give examples of what “cornerstones“ might be?

Cornerstones are related to soul purposes, intentions that your soul chooses to fulfill in a particular lifetime. Examples of a soul purpose would be the desire of the soul to learn more about compassion. This may include life experiences such as being born with or obtaining a disease that the soul learns self-compassion through, which may then lead to compassion for others. There are other ways to learn compassion, but the soul may choose disease as the best way to learn it.

This is a simplistic view on why a soul may choose disease, there would many other reasons to choose to experience a disease than just compassion. Keep in mind too that the soul does not see disease the way you see it. It does not judge it as bad, or as a failing of some sort.

Another cornerstone, another way to experience soul purposes, are contracts (arrangements) with other souls. Just as in diseases, some contacts will appear highly undesirable to the personality. Be certain though, all contracts are mutually beneficial. It is important to note here that “beneficial” does not always mean “enjoyable”.

Of course, there are numerous other examples of cornerstones in one’s puzzle. Such as…

- Natural laws, such as the law of gravity.

- Physical attributes such as your height, your constitution.

- The physical body needing air, food and water.

- Certain personality attributes such as introversion/extroversion

As with anything in the physical experience (life as a human), there will be exceptions to any examples of a cornerstone that we may offer. Yet in truth they are not exceptions, they will always be beings who by design include the will and means to overcome the limitations of the human experience. In a sense, their framework could include similar cornerstones as others, as well as the unique cornerstones that support them to push the limits of what was previously thought of as impossible, or near impossible.

We hope that this not only gives you the answer you seek, but also stimulates your own personality to live within the framework it designed for itself. Above all else, our desire is for you to open your mind to the complexity of living your soul purpose through your human personality.



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