Viewing Life As A Puzzle

You have chosen to experience life as human being, and therefore you have an individual path to follow, a unique puzzle to be put together. The solution to this puzzle will be revealed to you piece by piece over the course of one or more lifetimes. Unless one incarnates an enlightened being, all humans will make this journey, so you are in good company.

Once donning a human body, most will forget that they are on a journey, but this doesn't change the fact that they will learn and grow and just like you. They will sort through their experience and try to put all the parts together to make a whole. If this is not done consciously, then it will be done on an unconscious level.

At times you will need guidance from those who are further ahead than you. In receiving guidance, it is your task to take what is given to you to see if, where and how the guidance fits into the picture you are putting together.

As well, there will be some who, through their own fear will use means such as guilt, shame, and even flattery to advise you (tell you) what you need to "fix" or "complete" your puzzle. The methods that they use to convince others of what they need are vast and varied.

Make no mistake, you will also fall prey to your own rationalizations (fear) and will try to fix and complete others. Over time though you will realize that it is a fruitless and painful expedition to utilize these methods.

Utilizing these methods, and having others use them on you are part of discovering what pieces truly fit for you. This is all okay, there is no judgement. In the end all will be forgiven. Don't worry about how you get there, or how long it seems to take. It is okay to make mistakes, you will find your way. We promise.

As part of this journey you will discover many pieces that fit for a while, only to be discarded later for better fitting pieces. There will also be pieces that are a horrible fit but kept in place out of fear. Even those serve a purpose, if only to teach you what isn't a fit for you.

Other pieces will be cornerstones in your life, always there, unremovable. They are there to make sure you do not stray too far from your vision (your purpose/goals), a framework so you can always have at least an inkling of what you are working towards.

Nobody can tell you how your puzzle will come together, not even your wisest guides will reveal this to you. This is yours to discover.

Once your puzzle is complete you may choose to move onto other adventures, perhaps other puzzles that intrigue you. This is the journey of spirit, delighting in rediscovering itself in many forms. Allow yourself to enjoy your unique ride knowing that you are light playing in the shadows.



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